At Sentinel Boats, creating durable products for harsh environments is in our DNA.

Our origins in the harsh Southern Ocean make us different. In tough, high-energy environments, failure is simply not an option: products must withstand the elements to return crews home safely every time.

Sentinel Boats produces incredibly durable, stable and safe high-density polyethylene (HDPE) work boats and rapid response vessels for the emergency services, defence and security industries.

Our long history in the commercial marine sector established our reputation as a trusted purveyor of virtually indestructible workboats. Our first boat still in operation today, 30 years after hitting the water. We have since evolved into the rapid response sector in partnership with One2three naval architects and created our flagship vessel The Sentinel 1100 in 2022– the pinnacle of our expertise in high-performance, high-safety, tactical vessels. Our Sentinel family of seaboats now comprises of six vessels with an unrivalled commitment to safety, stealth and longevity for situations that command nothing less.

We utilise our significant on-water experience to inform our design and manufacturing process to ensure our vessels will always exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

Proudly Tasmanian-owned, Sentinel Boats is equipped with the leading industry knowledge and capability to ensure our boats return crews home safely, every time.

There is nothing like first hand experience, honed by the toughest environments on the planet

Team Sentinel

Sentinel Boats assembled a team in 2022 of industry experts to inform the delivery of the world’s most capable tactical sea boat fleet. The pooling of talent, resources and expertise has ensured Sentinel Boats delivers vessels that surpasses all expectations in terms of performance, reliability, and tactical capabilities.

The Sentinel Team includes a network of Australia’s most respected naval professionals and suppliers – naval architects One2three, integration specialists Bellinger Systems and defence acquisition experts Systematic.

Defence Capability Advisory Committee

Sentinel Boats has a Defence Capability Advisory Committee to provide critical support and assurance in the design of The Sentinel Family of Sea Boats. With over 100 years’ combined experience in Defence and public security, the Committee members are integral in the evolution of our proven vessels to mission-ready, reliable, integrated maritime systems.

Our Committee Members
Chris Oldfield, Sentinel Boats
Stephen McCullum, Sentinel Boats
Commander (Rtd.) Ian Parker CSM
Rear Admiral (Rtd.) Steve Gilmore AM CSC
Rear Admiral (Rtd.) Allan du Toit AM
Former Tasmanian Police Inspector Lee Renshaw

The Sentinel Range