We have assembled a remarkable team of experts known as Team Sentinel, comprising some of the most esteemed professionals and suppliers in Australia’s naval industry.

We are at the helm of Team Sentinel, as a Defence manufacturer renowned for its cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. With a strong track record of delivering high-performance Sea Boats, our commitment to excellence and dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, make them an ideal choice to lead this team of sovereign SMEs.

One2three, a prominent naval architecture firm, is a member of Team Sentinel. With their extensive experience and expertise in naval design and engineering, One2three plays a crucial role in developing the blueprint for the Sea Boats. Their proficiency in creating efficient and seaworthy vessels ensures that the fleet will meet the stringent requirements of the Australian Defence Force.

Bellinger Systems, a renowned integration specialist, brings its exceptional skill set to Team Sentinel. With a focus on seamless integration of complex systems, Bellinger Systems ensures that all components of the tactical seat boats work together flawlessly. Their expertise in integrating cutting-edge technology, communication systems, and weapon systems guarantees the fleet’s superior performance and interoperability.

Completing the roster of Team Sentinel is Systematiq, a team of defence acquisition experts. Systematiq provides invaluable guidance and support throughout the procurement process, ensuring that all acquisition activities adhere to the highest standards of efficiency and effectiveness. Their vast knowledge of defence procurement procedures and regulations streamlines the project’s execution, enabling seamless collaboration between the various stakeholders.


Together, these four entities form an unbeatable force, pooling their talents, resources, and expertise to deliver the world’s most capable tactical seat boat fleet. Team Sentinel’s collective prowess ensures that the Australian Defence Force receives a fleet of vessels that surpasses all expectations in terms of performance, reliability, and tactical capabilities.

Leading the charge, supported by One2three’s naval architecture expertise, Bellinger Systems’ integration prowess, and Systematiq’s defence acquisition acumen, the project is poised for resounding success. The collaboration between these industry leaders sets a new benchmark for excellence in the naval sector, cementing Team Sentinel’s position as the go-to consortium for delivering state-of-the-art solutions to defence forces worldwide.